PETA may be crazy, but other groups aren’t that different

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If you had cream in your coffee this morning or had meat for dinner last night, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) wants you to seek help for your “addiction.”

PETA supports a new group called Meat and Dairy Eaters Anonymous by providing sites for their meetings. The support group follows a 12-step program like any other addiction support group, except they are providing guidance on how to be vegan. They are comparing eating meat to being a drug or alcohol addict essentially, which is insulting to people who actually struggle with addictions that negatively affect their physical and mental health.

I think we all can agree that PETA is on the extreme end of the spectrum with their insane publicity stunts, but maybe you’re thinking this is just PETA and other animal rights groups really do care about animal welfare without wanting to stop everyone from eating meat.

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Animal rights groups have the same mission

PETA and other animal rights extremist groups like The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Mercy for Animals and Compassion Over Killing  have the same end goal: total veganism. This means no more cream in your coffee, milk in your cereal, cheese in your macaroni or grilled meat on the Fourth of July (or any other day for that matter). Sure there are meat and dairy substitutes, but do you really want to eat tofu, veggie burgers, soy milk and fake cheese the rest of your life?

The Alliance has tracked animal rights activity for almost three decades and has identified connections between the groups that illustrate how similar they are despite their differing public appearances. Our activist web shows the transfer of money and/or personnel between the groups and our top profile pieces include key campaigns and quotes to show their true agendas.

John “J.P.” Goodwin, the director of animal cruelty policy at HSUS, is one example of key staff members moving between animal rights groups. Goodwin was a former spokesperson for Animal Liberation Front (ALF) – one of the most extreme animal rights groups that exists.  ALF is known for acts of violence including property damage and threats all in name of “total animal liberation.”

Another example is financial support between HSUS and PETA. Why would you send financial support if you don’t agree with and support the core beliefs of the organization? The answer is simple – it’s because HSUS does share the same core beliefs and values as PETA.

HSUS is PETA in a business suit

HSUS is on Capitol Hill (literally in business suits) lobbying against animal agriculture while PETA advocates are standing on the front steps in fake blood demanding that people go vegan. This isn’t just a coincidence. HSUS and other groups rely on PETA and ALF to be crazy and obnoxious so that they seem level-headed and rational when in fact they each have the same goal of ending animal agriculture and meat consumption.

Animal rights advocates argue that it is impossible to care for animals and also eat meat, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Animal rights organizations are concerned about animal rights (treating animals as equal to humans), not animal welfare (making sure animals are well cared for). They will spread misinformation and use undercover video smear campaigns in an attempt to tarnish the reputation of hardworking and dedicated farmers and ranchers and make consumers uneasy about the food supply.

You can care about animals and still eat meat, milk and eggs11731729_10152937901995636_1288857164315442414_o

Animal welfare is a top priority for the animal agriculture industry. If it weren’t, why would there be so many industry programs and organizations dedicated to ensuring livestock and poultry receive the best animal care?

Animal rights groups will never be happy until meat and dairy products are off the menu for good and all animals are “free,” so the next time you think an animal rights group sounds rational and has the best interest of the animal in mind, ask yourself who is caring for that animal 24/7, 365 days per year – the animal rights organizations and activists or the farmers and ranchers?


  1. Have you read much on nutrition and how your brain reacts when your constantly consuming animal products?😊 Sorry, I just don’t think many people understand how harmful animal products are for the human body.

    1. Thank you for reading the blog and commenting, but there is scientific evidence that says meat should be included as part of a balanced and healthy diet. I’ve provided a couple links below you can reference. It is your personal choice whether or not to eat meat, and everyone should have the ability to make that choice for themselves, but it should be based on facts and personal values, not the misinformation spread by activist groups.

      1. Thanks for the links! However, I failed to find any evidence in these links that hasn’t been funded by powerful industries. I also agree that eating meat is everyones personal choice and that this choice should be based on scientific facts. That’s why I promote a plant-based diet (based on scientific facts and research etc.). I’ve left a few links to research which has not been influenced or funded by meat, dairy or egg industries. It’s very interesting. I hope you look into them 🙂

    2. Lily, the methods of these studies are published. What specific criticisms do you have? I’m worried that you don’t have the training required to judge the quality of studies. What field do you have your PhD in?

  2. Thanks for sharing these links. I wanted to note that the first two have research from a doctor who is the public health director at The Humane Society of the United States – this is one of the animal rights organizations I reference in my blog who lobbies against animal agriculture and believes everyone should be vegan. The third link is from an organization that is in our activist web and closely linked to PETA through financial support, shared projects and personnel. These sources have been influenced or funded by animal rights groups, which brings their true intentions into question. I think we both agree that people should do their own research – and check their sources – in order to make informed decisions.

  3. Oh dear. I was really hoping I didn’t see Global Animal Partnership on there. As a farmer myself, I quite like all their standards and steps for farming livestock they have. What’s your opinion on them? If they in any way have ties to PETA though I honestly won’t touch it with a ten foot pole. Yuck. 🙁

    1. Hi Shanti!

      Global Animal Partnership (GAP) is one group that doesn’t look so extreme like PETA, but they have close connections with animal rights groups that promote a vegan lifestyle and lobby against animal agriculture. Their former executive director, Miyun Park, was also the former president of the extreme animal rights group Compassion Over Killing for 10 years and the former vice president of the farm animal welfare program at HSUS. Park is also a known former undercover activist for HSUS and PETA.

      Their current executive director Carrie Balkom, who started this past June, also has connections with HSUS. Wayne Pacelle with HSUS, Leah Garces with Compassion in World Farming and Steve Gross with Farm Forward (all animal rights groups on our activist map) hold positions on GAP’s team, so that’s something to keep in mind when deciding if GAP is a group you want to support.

  4. from where i sit, it’s the vegans and vegetarians who are addicted. they are the ones who need help. they preach constantly about how their way of life is so much better, team up with peta who appears to be addicted to animal porn because of the way they always have nearly naked people drenched in fake blood or show them ‘eating’ plastic body parts,(i guess in an attempt to show how meat eaters eat, although, i have never gnawed on an arm or leg, at least now raw, lol) these people are always out yelling and screaming at people, kinda the way drug addicts do when they are tripping on something, making no sense to no one but themselves. i’m thinking it’s the lack of protein that is making them crazy

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