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If you are one of our regular readers, welcome back! For those of you who are new, we’re glad you’re here! The Alliance blog, formerly known as “Real Farmers Real Food,” is now called “Animal Ag Engage.” Along with the new name, the blog has a refreshed design and we are eager to share more posts about hot topics in animal agriculture!

cropped-blog-header-image.pngWhy the new look?

The original blog was first published in 2014 and has since earned almost 50,000 views on more than 65 posts. Our previous blog had a look of its own with a separate logo and theme from the Alliance. We want readers to identify our blog with the Animal Agriculture Alliance, so now the blog matches the Alliance colors and overall look along with a similar title.

In addition to not only looking more like a blog from the Alliance, the new name better represents the content we share to fulfill our mission.

AAA_group_con-eng-pro_4COur mission

The Animal Agriculture Alliance is a non-profit organization working to bridge the communication gap between farm and fork. The three pillars included in our mission are connect, engage and protect. We connect industry stakeholders to arm them with responses to emerging issues. We engage food chain influencers and promote consumer choice by helping them better understand modern animal agriculture. We protect by exposing those who threaten our nation’s food security with damaging misinformation.

The role of our blog perfectly falls under the engage part of our mission, so the new name came naturally.

People want to be engaged, not educated

Before the Alliance was rebranded a few years ago, our mission included educate in the place of engage. After researching how to best communicate with the public we realized that consumers don’t want to be educated because that implies that they are uneducated. They instead would rather be engaged in a two-way conversation and through that process of engagement they may learn a thing or two – and get their opinions heard as well.

The goal of the blog is to offer a platform to engage with people about animal agriculture issues that may be controversial, or frequently misunderstood.

Join the conversation!

We encourage you to follow our new blog (click the follow button at the top right of this page!) and join in on the conversation by commenting on our posts. We welcome civil dialogue and encourage readers to ask questions. This blog is a great spot to receive answers from farmers, ranchers and industry leaders about where our food comes from. Take a look around and let us know what you think!

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