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With the creation of anti-agriculture documentaries and films on the rise, I often find myself wondering, “where are all the positive and pro-agriculture films?” So after some research, I took a dive into a few films and videos that showcase the story of agriculture… and I wasn’t disappointed! Whether you’re looking for a movie to watch after a day on the farm or you want to showcase a positive light on agriculture in your classroom or with friends, I strongly recommend the following films.


Photo credit: Farmland Film website

Farmland takes a look at six young farmers and ranchers working in different sectors of agriculture. The film looks at why these individuals have chosen to farm and the everyday decisions they make to be successful and profitable. Farmland makes you feel connected to the farmers and their stories because it shows how relatable they each are. The passion these families have for agriculture is easy to see and will make you thankful for farmers and ranchers across the country. Grab some friends and go check out Farmland!

Where to watch: Amazon Prime, iTunes, YouTube, PlayStation, Xbox and Vudu.

License to Farm

Capture License to Farm
Photo credit: License to Farm website

This 30-minute film features Canadian farmers and researchers discussing the growth of genetics, technology and communication within the agriculture industry. The question “Where does my food come from?” and consumer push-back inspired the film. Three concerns held by consumers are touched on: GMOs, pesticide use and the thought that farmers have no control over their production practices. The science behind food production is shared to debunk these concerns. The film also urges farmers to share their stories to help educate consumers in their communities. Check out License to Farm if you want to learn more about positive trends in agricultural technology and food production!

License to Farm can be viewed at

Food Evolution

Photo credit: Food Evolution website

If you like science, then Food Evolution is a great film to check out! The film tackles food myths and misconceptions, especially around GMOs. Food Evolution looks at science and research to back the safety of GMOs and seed production. Science terminology isn’t always the easiest to understand and Food Evolution does a great job at explaining biotechnology and science related to agriculture, in simple and relatable ways. The film looks at the positive impact genetic modification has on preventing disease and insect damage to crops. I would highly recommend watching Food Evolution to grow your understanding of science and agriculture.

Where to watch: Amazon Video, iTunes, YouTube, Hulu and Google Play.

Why I Farm

Photo credit: Why I Farm website

While the Why I Farm video series might not be actual “films,” they’re still well worth the watch! These short videos were developed by Beck’s Hybrids and highlight Midwest farmers and their families. The focus of the videos is as the title suggests: why these farmers have chosen to pursue and remain in the agriculture industry. Each video features the unique story and journey of a farmer, told in their words. If you don’t have time to watch an entire movie, I suggest checking out these short films – you won’t be disappointed!

This series can be viewed at

Maryland Farm & Harvest

Capture MD Farm & Harvest
Photo credit: Maryland Public Television website

Maryland Farm & Harvest is another series that features the faces of farming around the state. The 30-minute videos focus on current technology used in agriculture, challenges that farmers face and what different areas of agriculture look like. This series aims to connect viewers to the people who raise their food in a positive and informative way. Maryland Farm & Harvest features everything from bees to cow pedometers to oyster farming. Even if you’re not from Maryland, these videos are great to watch if you desire to learn about all segments of agriculture!

Maryland Public Television presents this series on their channel, but the latest episodes can also be viewed here.

Before the Plate

Before the Plate debuted in February 2019. The movie aims to close the gap between urban consumers and farmers in Canada. The movie follows chef John Horne to different farms throughout Canada to see how food is produced, including a beef and dairy farm.

These films and videos were great to watch and helped me grow my understanding of food production and agriculture. So grab some popcorn and go check them out!

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