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10 Reasons to Compete in College Aggies Online

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Agriculture is one of the most diverse and exciting fields to study. There’s meat science, horticulture, animal sciences, equine science, agricultural economics and sociology, agricultural communication, entomology, poultry science, aquaculture, crop and soil science and so much more! With so many different directions students can take, one thing is key for the success of students and the field as a whole – effective communication with people not actively involved in or familiar with agriculture.

College Aggies Online
Students sharing dairy facts on their college campus.

There is so much misinformation about food and agriculture that its hard to decipher between fact and fiction. When agriculture students spot misinformation they are quick to jump in and share what they know, but it takes strategy and skill to do that effectively.

College Aggies Online (CAO) is an initiative of the Animal Agriculture Alliance that helps to build life-long advocates for agriculture. The nine-week scholarship program connects college students from across the country who are interested in agriculture and helps them become confident communicators.

College Aggies Online10 reasons to compete in CAO

  1. The competition is celebrating it’s 10th year! Be a part of the excitement!
  2. This year there will be both an undergraduate and a graduate division which means more opportunities for scholarships.
  3. The 2017 participants reached 4.4 million online impressions with their social media content about agriculture! This is a great opportunity to grow your social media followers.
  4. Collegiate clubs will host interactive events on their campuses and communities to share agriculture with their peers.
  5. Students will learn how to use different tools and tricks to create their own social media graphics and content.
  6. Mini prizes will be offered throughout the competition for excelling in weekly challenges.
  7. Each week an agriculture professional will lead a webinar or offer advice to students on how to improve their communication skills. Talk about a great networking opportunity with prospective future employers!
  8. Students will learn how to write effective blog posts and design eye-catching infographics.
  9. Students can earn the CAO Excellence Award for earning the most points during the competition! Add this to your resume to impress future employers.
  10. The top clubs and individuals will win a trip to attend the Alliance’s 2019 Stakeholders Summit in Kansas City, Missouri. This conference brings together farmers, ranchers, veterinarians, animal scientists, retailers, communicators and other industry professionals representing all facets of animal agriculture.

Sign up today to compete in the 2018 competition, which kicks off September 10th!

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